INVESTING IN 4GE Limited Company
Invest in a trade with the 4GE Limited Company and enjoy all the benefits
one of the most liquid markets are not trading on their own.

trade on your account will be managed by experienced traders
and your potential wherein gain is not limited.

trusting means our traders, you are guaranteed to get back nested
amount, and the profit potential is much higher than bank interest.

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Official opening: Jan 12, 2016
Users: 25611
Users Online: 60
Invested: $ 17539731.01
Paid: $ 13286952.07
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Last update Jun 26, 2017

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F. A. Q - Responses to questions

1) What is the 4GE Limited Company?
4GE Limited Company is an investment project working exclusively online.

2) How can I invest in 4GE Limited Company?
In order to invest, first of all need to become our partner, passing not more registration procedure. Once, you will be able to Deposit funds! You must log in using your username and password you chose during registration. After you have made money, select investment plan and open the Deposit.

3) Who can invest in the company 4GE Limited Company?
We accept clients from any country, if they are adults, and will comply with the Terms of our service and private policy.

4) What methods of payment do you accept?
We currently accept e-money payment systems Perfecmoney and Payeer.

5) What is the minimum and maximum investment amount?
The minimum investment is$ 10, maximum of 10,000$.

6) how can I do my initial investment at the end of the investment period?
Yes, the total amount will be refunded to Your Account at the end of the term and you will be able to re-invest or withdraw.

7) How soon will be added to the Deposit in my account?
Deposits will be added as soon as you make them. If you can not find the money to your Account, please contact us and we will add the Deposit as soon as possible.

8) After payment in 4GE Limited Company when I get the first profit?
You will get your first profit immediately the next day after Deposit.

9) do you write off the fee for managing the account of 4GE Limited Company?
No, we do not have a fee.

10) How can I withdraw money?
Log on to your Account using your username and password and go to "Withdraw funds".

11) When will I receive payment?
Payments are made automatically in the mode instant!

12) There a possibility of early closure of the Deposit?
Yes. On all deposits have the option of closing of the contribution in advance at any time. At closing of the contribution until the end of the investment period will be taken into account by the Commission in the amount of 20%. 10% to cover the cost of referral fees and 10% coverage of the company.

13) What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?
The minimum amount for withdrawal is only 0.01$.

14) Can I make using one payment and withdraw via another?
No, you can use it to output the same payment system, with which you made money.

15) How does the program work?
We offer a comprehensive program for our clients. This is a great way to earn extra money by inviting more people to our program. We offer our clients earn 7% and 3% from each payment made to the involved customer.

16) Where can I find my referral link?
Your referral link is available in section "Affiliate program" after logging in to your Account.

 Questions? Write to us, we will help You!

START - 140%
1 day
140% per day
Minimum amount: $40.00
Maximum amount: $200.00
the term of the deposit: 1 day
Percentage of the day: 140%
total revenue: 140%

2 days
147% per day
Minimum amount: $40.00
Maximum amount: $500.00
the term of the deposit: 2 days
Percentage of the day: 147%
total revenue: 295%

EXPERT - 504%
3 days
168% per day
Minimum amount: $40.00
Maximum amount: $1000.00
the term of the deposit: 3 days
Percentage of the day: 168%
total revenue: 504%