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Invest in a trade with the 4GE Limited Company and enjoy all the benefits
one of the most liquid markets are not trading on their own.

trade on your account will be managed by experienced traders
and your potential wherein gain is not limited.

trusting means our traders, you are guaranteed to get back nested
amount, and the profit potential is much higher than bank interest.

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About us

Investment project 4GE Limited Company is a private investment project involved the receipt of investment funds at interest.

Investors ' funds are allocated to the accounts of Forex, bookmakers, purchase securities of foreign currency, thus investors will receive a return on their investment.

The traders have quite extensive experience in business development and constant use of special knowledge in their activities. They skillfully develop their business and can answer any questions related to financial management and strategic management. We believe that trust is a major component of good communication with our clients, so in a joint investment project, we follow exactly this principle. We provide full services for the increase and maintenance of capital, using all possible instruments of the financial market as well as markets investing.

Our investors is our success, so we always try to build cooperation with our partners and investors on an ongoing basis. We pay attention to every investor and lead the right way to achieve your goals. Our financial strategy, which we build specially for even the most demanding investors, are a great competitive advantage.

Our main goal is to ensure reliability, stability and decent profit, both for us and for our investors. We try to conduct research in all strategic matters, in order to achieve the planned objectives and to meet the ever-changing financial market conditions.

We do not Piramida consuming and therefore offer you adequate interest.

Initial capital personal funds our project amounted to 300,000 rub.

START - 140%
1 day
140% per day
Minimum amount: $40.00
Maximum amount: $200.00
the term of the deposit: 1 day
Percentage of the day: 140%
total revenue: 140%

2 days
147% per day
Minimum amount: $40.00
Maximum amount: $500.00
the term of the deposit: 2 days
Percentage of the day: 147%
total revenue: 295%

EXPERT - 504%
3 days
168% per day
Minimum amount: $40.00
Maximum amount: $1000.00
the term of the deposit: 3 days
Percentage of the day: 168%
total revenue: 504%